Spice Up Your Interview with the Right Responses

The goal of every interview is to get the job offer or to get one step closer to the job offer. Each successful interaction advances the job seeker closer to the offer. Every candidate must distinguish him/herself to have a competitive edge.

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Philanthropy and the Impact of the Pandemic on Giving

A recent study by Fidelity Charitable, a public charity that helps donors maximize the effectiveness of their donations through an advised fund, illuminates the noteworthy impact the COVID-19 Pandemic has had on giving, specifically among women.

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Study Brings to Light the Impact the Pandemic has had on Social Giving

A recent study conducted by the Indianapolis-based software firm, OneCause, has shed some light on the noteworthy impact the pandemic has had on social giving. The study, dubbed the “The Giving Experience,” provides several key insights regarding the current state of social giving. More specifically, it highlights the motivators of social giving, when and how social donors might be comfortable returning to in-person events, and what can influence repeat donations.

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Career Blazers Nonprofit Search is committed to the nonprofit community. Our focus is absolute with our key objective being the alignment with clients in that area. Career Blazers is not an unfamiliar name in the employment world with a rich history dating back to 1949. A family business at its roots, it now includes a new generation of that same family. Founded originally by a woman, Career Blazers is woman owned and operated today. The team has worked together as colleagues and represents many years of leadership in the employment and placement world.