5 Tips to Improve Job Board Utilization

Eighty-seven percent of respondents to a recent survey for the Nonprofit Compensation Practices and Benchmarking Report noted that job boards are a primary method of outreach when casting a wide net to a range of job seekers. How can nonprofits improve job board utilization? Here are 5 tips to help.

5 Tips for Effective Job Board Utilization 

Identify the Most Appropriate Job Boards.

  • Consider job boards dedicated to nonprofit organizations – Idealist, Foundation List, and National Nonprofits.
  • General job boards like LinkedIn or Indeed do allow the viewer to filter for nonprofit positions.
  • Niche Job Boards focus on the specific skills you require, or the nonprofit sector experience preferred. Examples of such platforms are TechSoup for technology roles, AFP Job Center for fundraising professionals, and Devex for global development professionals.

Speak to the candidate and create a visualization of the mission and role.

  • Take the opportunity to share your brand, passion, and culture to stimulate interest.
  • Let the candidate see themselves in the role with phrases like: ‘use your financial acumen’, ‘expand your outreach skills’, or ‘generate exponential growth’.

Emphasize the Employee Experience. 

  • Highlight non-monetary incentives like flexible work schedule, opportunities for professional growth, and time to volunteer.
  • Clearly describe work schedule (at home, hybrid or in office) and consider the organization’s needs to allow as much flexibility as possible to attract the broadest pool of candidates.

Ensure that your Career Page is Engaging. 

  • Emphasize mission impact and the organization’s culture. Share benefits and perks.
  • Make the page easy to navigate and professional; it is the candidate’s first interaction with your organization.
  • Provide a mobile friendly experience.

Track What Works. 

  • Collect data on where your hires originated.
  • Ask candidates what attracted them to your post.
  • Gain an understanding of what is working and optimize.

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