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Building an Intentional Talent Strategy

The traditional method of recruiting is transactional, meaning the need to hire is fulfilled as job vacancies occur. It is an immediate, time-sensitive process, and one with which most human resources professionals are familiar.

Many HR teams work in this reactionary mode, scrambling to fill vacancies as they emerge. The challenge with this reactionary approach is that by focusing solely on hiring needs as they emerge, HR teams and recruiters are racing the clock. Resources are focused on solving an immediate problem rather than future talent needs which can shift the organization’s market position and mission growth trajectory.

Now more than ever, nonprofits would benefit from an intentional talent strategy that empowers HR teams and recruiters to successfully respond to immediate personnel needs and strategically focus on building an innovative, forward-looking talent pipeline. By recruiting for today and tomorrow, a diverse set of organizational needs for sustainable mission advancement and innovation can be met.