Why You Should Participate in a Nonprofit Salary Survey

When a nonprofit salary survey lands in your inbox, it’s a good chance to participate in a research initiative that helps not only your organization, but employers and employees throughout our sector.

In today’s competitive marketplace, talent acquisition professionals frequently source candidates from the for-profit marketplace and the nonprofit community. And while this creates opportunities for a much larger talent pool, it also impacts salaries in an increasingly talent driven marketplace. The practices and trends that are reflected in salary survey findings can significantly help nonprofits structure a total rewards package that will help you compete far more effectively for talent.

We all know that the cost of training a new employee can be high, and the impact of a long-term vacancy can hurt not only program deliverables but the morale of the remaining employees who often become overburdened carrying their workload and the responsibilities of a vacant position. Turnover is rough on everyone.

Knowing what the competition is paying can help nonprofits structure competitive packages, especially if the ‘insiders’ knowledge’ gleaned from salary surveys inspires benefits and perks that appeal to a diverse staff. The pandemic changed everything, from preferences for hybrid working arrangements to demands for higher salaries and benefits. We may be approaching the top of the bell curve, and that’s exactly the type of information executives can determine from salary reports—what’s happening today, and what’s coming next.

Employers aren’t the only ones who benefit from participating in salary surveys and the pursuant reports. One of the most valuable things an employee can extract from salary reports is whether they are getting paid fairly for their skills and responsibilities. This is beneficial knowledge when negotiating the next salary review or initiating a job search. Understanding current market rates benefits candidates and recruiters given the frequent preference for ‘passive or hidden candidates’—those individuals who are not actively seeking a job but are solicited and enticed to look at new opportunities. Many potential candidates are increasingly interested in moving to the nonprofit sector for a myriad of reasons. Smart nonprofit leaders have used this to enhance their employee brand, hoping to woo talented individuals into the embrace of a mission-driven organization that offers an opportunity to make a difference.

Career Blazers Nonprofit Search is committed to the nonprofit community. Our focus is absolute with our key objective being the alignment with clients in that area. Career Blazers is not an unfamiliar name in the employment world with a rich history dating back to 1949. A family business at its roots, it now includes a new generation of that same family. Founded originally by a woman, Career Blazers is woman owned and operated today. The team has worked together as colleagues and represents many years of leadership in the employment and placement world.